Custom Commissions

  • 6x6 $60 - 70

  • 8x10 $95 -120

  • 12x14 $150 - 175

  • 16x20 $250 - 275

  • 18x24 $300-350

  • 24x36 $450 - 600

  • 30x40 $575 - 650

  • 36x48 $800 - 1000

  • Custom Contact me for a quote kristengrief@luicidfinearts.com


When you purchase a custom painting from Lucid Fine Arts, you are buying more than just a unique work of art, you are buying an experience like no other. To begin the process, fill out the form below, with a description of the subject as well as sizing details. Once the pricing has been negotiated you will receive a confirmation email. You may also email me at kristengrief@lucidfinearts.com if you have any further questions.

A deposit of 20% of the final price is due up front, this allows me to purchase the canvas and any other supplies needed.

You will receive picture and video updates cataloging the progress of your custom painting. This not only gives you a window into the creative process, it allows you to become part of it! As the work progresses, you can offer feedback to ensure that you are getting exactly what you envision.

The remaining 80% of the purchase price (plus sales tax and shipping) is due upon completion of the work.

When you receive your custom painting, be prepared to be the envy of the neighborhood! No other copies exist and YOU will have the one and only! You now own a conversation piece; an original, hand-painted work of art that is like nothing else!

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